And his éclat / Bone Deth beast

29 Aug 2023

Setups 23 Okane 7

Photos by Fooman

If you need to test the strength of a bike part, you can't go wrong giving it to Jordan O'kane. The amount of massive roofs this guy drops off is enough to put any piece of metal through its paces. His éclat / Bone Deth build is no doubt a strong piece of kit, but it can also handle the more technical stuff too. Here's the full rundown...

Setups 23 Okane 1

FRAMEBone Deth Machine 20.75”

FORKéclat Storm 25mm


STEMéclat Domain Frontload

HEADSETéclat Wave 6mm

GRIPSéclat Puslar, made by ODI

SEATBone Deth Vibrator

POST éclat Torch 135mm

CRANKS éclat Tibia 165mm

SPROCKETéclat Elevate 28t with nylon Guard

PEDALS éclat Centric

CHAIN éclat 4 stroke halflink

TIRES éclat Mirage folding bead, 2.35” front and rear

RIMS éclat e440 front and rear

FRONT HUBéclat Seismic

REAR HUB éclat Seismic cassette, LSD

Ask for ECLAT at any of our DIG PARTNER STORES worldwide.