And his FIT / ECLAT build

1 May 2023


Photos by Felix Prangenberg

Germany's Kilian Reichmeyer has been killing it for years now and he just picked up a new sponsor in the form of Eclat, through Traffic Distro. Scroll down to check his latest FIT Mixtape build, decked out with those new Eclat parts.


FRAME: Fit Mixtape frame

FORK: Eclat Storm fork 15mm

BAR: Fit Matt Nordstrom bar

STEM: Eclat Dune stem

HEADSET: Fit headset

GRIPS: Eclat Octa grips

SEAT: Eclat Complex combo seat

CRANKS: Fit Blunt cranks

SPROCKET: Eclat AK 25t sprocket

PEDALS: Prototype

CHAIN: Eclat 4 Stroke halflink chain

TIRES: Eclat Predator tires

RIMS: Eclat Bondi rims

FRONT HUB: Eclat Cortex front hub

REAR HUB: Cortex freecoaster

PEGS: Fit Sleeper pegs


Age: 25

Location: Cologne

Years riding: Not really sure but I guess around thirteen.

Favourite spot: Spanische ledges in Munich.

Spot you most want to go to and why?

Not really a spot, but I really wanna go to Copenhagen this year. The spots there look crazy.

What music gets you going?

Hardcore or basically a guitar, drums and a singer and it has to be quite fast.


If you could describe your bike in three words, what would they be?

Beautiful, simple and timeless.

Which parts on your bike are you most specific about?

I would say the wheels. They have to run clean but in general it just has to work haha.

What part do you wear through the quickest?

Grips and pedals.

What’s next? Do you have any plans in place, video part? Trips? Travel?

Yes - Copenhagen this summer for sure and some smaller trips around Germany. Going to all the local events around me. I‘m also filming something at the moment with Felix, so keep your eyes open!