And his Wethepeople Trigger frame

26 Jan 2023

P23 2552 Riley bike web

Photos by Fooman

While over in London for the Wethepeople Haus, Fooman made the most of a rainy day and snapped some photos of Riley Smith and his Trigger build, sprayed up in his Alice In Chains inspired signature Mat Tan colorway. Scroll down to find out how it came about, along with a more detailed glimpse at his parts setup.

P23 2532 Riley bike web

FRAME: Wethepeople Trigger 20.75” – Riley Smith signature colourway

FORK: Wethepeople Battleship 24mm

BAR: Wethepeople Pathfinder 2pc 9.6”

STEM: Merritt

HEADSET: Wethepeople Compact

GRIPS: Merritt

SEAT: Wethepeople Team Pivotal Slim

POST: Wethepeople Pivotal 230mm

CRANKS: Wethepeople Logic 160mm


PEDALS: Wethepeople Logic

CHAIN: Wethepeople Demand

TIRES: Merritt front, eclat Mirage 2.40” rear

RIMS: Merritt front, eclat Bondi rear

FRONT HUB: Merritt

REAR HUB: Wethepeople Hybrid Freecoaster

PEGS: Wethepeople Dill Pickle 4.5”

P23 2533 Riley bike web
P23 2534 Riley bike web
P23 2535 Riley bike web
P23 2537 Riley bike web

You must be hyped to have a signature frame colorway. How did it come about?

So hyped! A while back I was on the phone with Dave over at WTP and he brought up the idea of an AM team frame, where each size was a different color. Lucky for me he asked if I’d like to pick the 20.75 TT color.

Can you explain more about the Trigger frame and what makes it a perfect match for your riding?

Each frame size is specific to the top tube length, changing the geometry around the frame as it’s increased. I really enjoy the short backend, it helps a lot with more techy manoeuvres.

How much input did you have on the color and graphics?

At first I had no idea, I wanted the color to be unique but also not blown out. After listening to one of my favorite albums, “Dirt” by Alice In Chains I really like the sand tone on the cover so I sent it over. They hit me back with the color that the frame is now and a few different sticker color options. So respectfully I chose red.

P23 2541 Riley bike web
P23 2542 Riley bike web
P23 2543 Riley bike web
P23 2544 Riley bike web

Which parts are you most specific about?

I feel like I’m not too specific about my setup, I do like bigger rims for high impact spots and my neglect for working on my wheels!

You made it out to the UK for the WTP Haus last year. What travel plans do you have for 2023? Anything else you have going on?

London was amazing, my first time riding outside the U.S. did not disappoint. This year I’m road-tripping to swampfest which will be a wild time but other than that hopefully just go anywhere new, that’s always the goal.

Which Wethepeople part could you never live without?

I’ve re ordered the pathfinder bars a few times now, quality stuff.

How's that hybrid freecoaster going? What do you like about it?

The hybrid coaster is great, the hub is strong and I’ve never had issues with the slack.

P23 2545 Riley bike web


WTP Trigger Frame Riley Smith 1

“Here at Wethepeople, we have always respected the work ethic and productivity of our am team. Some of the most dynamic and heavy up-and-comers in the game, we wanted to work with the future of our brand on a totally new frame concept that mixes adaptive geometry and tougher materials to make a super durable frame designed to fit any rider out there. The Trigger frame features geometry that changes as the top tube length increases allowing the rider to be on a frame that suits them down to a tee. We wanted to reward a selection of our am team with their very own signature colorways in the same frame size they ride so the Trigger frame will be available in colourways for Stephan Atencio (20.5"), Riley Smith (20.75") and Dan Banks (21"). The smooth bottom bracket shell helps reduce drag or hang-ups on grinds, and the unique offset machined headtube allows for stronger junction and cleaner tube fitment where you need it the most.” - Wethepeople

Tubing: Butted, Japanese seamless 4130 crmo tubing

Bottom Bracket: 74mm mid size, cnc machined and heat-treated

Head Tube: 127mm, offset cnc machined and heat-treated, integ. H/set

Dropouts: laser cut and cnc machined 6mm, heat-treated 4130 crmo, w/ chain tensioner bolt perfect shape for pegs and hub guards

Brakes: brakeless frame

Special Features:

• Super durable street frame designed with WTP AM team

• Adaptive geometry (longer chain stays and higher standover as toptube length increases)

• Offset machined head tube for improved tube fitment and strength

• Signature colourways for am team riders

• Extra-thick plain gauge tubing for dent resistance and overall durability

• 127mm tall head tube for less spacers with an uncut fork

• Steeper 75.75° head tube

• Larger 1.8mm welding at head tube

• Wider rear triangle allows clearance for a 2.4" tire

• WTP top tube and down tube gusset

• Investment cast seat clamp

• Includes lifetime guarantee


Top Tube length: 20.5', 20.75", 21" or 21.25"

Chain Stay length: 12.7" - 13" (20.5" & 20.75"), 12.95" - 13" (21"), 13.2" - 13.5" (21.25")

Head Tube angle: 75.75°

Seat Tube angle: 71°

BB Height: 11.7"

Standover Height: 8.75" (20.5"), 9"(20.75"), 9.3" (21"), 9.6"(21.25")


ED Black (20.5”/20.75”/21”/21.25”)

Matt Trans Red (Stephan Atencio 20.5")

Matt Tan (Riley Smith 20.75")

Matt Navy (dan banks 21")

Weight: 2.37kg (5.22lbs) - 20.75"

Ask for WETHEPEOPLE at any of our DIG PARTNER STORES worldwide.