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6 Apr 2017

2017 Jones Setups Rd 14

Words and Photos by Rob Dolecki

It's been about a year since we did a video-version Setups with Trey Jones, and his whip has changed quite a bit since then. Gone is the clean chrome color scheme and Bully-inspired stickers; now it's all about a legendary guitar inspired frame decor, many well-used parts, and a splash of gold spray paint throughout.

2017 Jones Setups Rd 03
2017 Jones Setups Rd 07
2017 Jones Setups Rd 08
2017 Jones Setups Rd 13

Frame: Cult OS V4 Trey Jones colorway, 21tt

Fork: Shadow inceptive

Headset: Shadow

Stem: Shadow Treymone

Bar: Shadow Vultus 9” rise

Grips: Shadow Gypsy

Seat: Shadow Trey Jones Sig slim

Post: Shadow pivotal

Cranks: Shadow Killer 175mm

Sprocket: Shadow Align 32t

BB: Shadow 22mm

Pedals: Shadow ravager metal

Chain: Shadow supreme

Wheels: Shadow truss rim Shadow symbol hub 9T

Tires: Shadow Valor 2.4”

Kicks: Vans black slip-ons

2017 Jones Setups Rd 12
2017 Jones Setups Rd 09
2017 Jones Setups Rd 04
2017 Jones Setups Rd 02

Why 175mm cranks?

Classic; it’s what I’ve always ridden. I don’t like the baby cranks; I like going faster.

How did your frame paint scheme come about?

The paint is based off of Dimebag Darryl’s guitar; black on top and blue on the bottom, with lightning bolts. The head tube sticker is the same logo as the head stock on his guitar. He also had a KISS sticker right above his pickups, so that’s why there’s the KISS sticker, but with Jesco in KISS makeup; it should be available now.

Favorite part?

 I guess the gear ratio, no one else really has it.

Oldest part?

Probably my sprocket or chain. 


My left grip.  I wear out left side way faster than the right side 

Do you do any modifications to your bike?

Nope, nothing.

2017 Jones Setups Rd 1

Post-Florideah Swamp Fest, Vic Murphy tribute over some of the funnest jumps in Florida.

2017 Jones Setups Rd 06
2017 Jones Setups Rd 05

How was your winter?

It was awesome. I spent the whole winter getting ready for the jam. I can’t complain; I was out at Jeff’s riding trails and building cool shit with all my friends.

How was the Florideah Swamp Fest?

 It was perfect, man. The energy was just through the roof; so positive. No one got majorly hurt. The cops showed up for a little bit but problem was solved. (ed. note: keep an eye out for a full interview with Trey about the jam, coming soon)

Plans for rest of 2017?

Going to Woodward East for Shadow Week, and hopefully going to the Scotty jam on July 23rd in Connecticut.

Trey Jones is supported by Official DIG Partners: Cult | Dans Comp | Vans


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