and his Eclat emblazoned rig

27 Sep 2023

Oshimo Bike check 28 copy

Photos by Alex Thorogood, Joe Tricker, Massa and eclat

Metal pedals and straight cable? Love to see it! Japanese eclat connect Yuma Oshimo passed through the eclat HQ on his European adventures lately and they got a closer look at his ride. Scroll down for the full parts list...

Oshimo Bike check 3

Frame: Durcus One Raw, 20.7”

Fork: éclat Storm XLT Fork, 24mm offset

Bar: Wethepeople Prodigy 8” rise, cut to 27”

Headset: éclat Wave 6mm

Stem: éclat Fist Topload

Grips: éclat Pulsar, made by ODI in the USA

Brake: éclat Talon

Lever: éclat Sniper

Cable: éclat Core

Seat: éclat Complex Combo, slim

Cranks: éclat Spire 170mm

Sprocket: éclat Abyss guard 25t

Chain: éclat stroke, hollow halflink chain

Pedals: éclat slash alloy

Rims: éclat crown, 38mm wide

Hubs: éclat Seismic cassette and Seismic front

Tires: éclat Vapour, 2.25” front & rear

Pegs: éclat Dura 4.6” chromoly pegs

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