Soundtrack - VHS Classics - BMX Inferno

Listen again to a classic BMX video soundtrack that is as eclectic as it is iconic...

1 Mar 2015

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By James Cox


BMX Inferno VHS Soundtrack

BMX Inferno's soundtrack is as eclectic as it is iconic...

BMX Inferno was released in 1995 by S&M Bikes. Filmed and edited by Dave Parrick with additional filming duties taken care of by Chris Moeller, Mike Castillo, Scott Matuel, Brian Castillo, Jimmy Flaherty and Paul Green.

Rumours from an unverified source claim that each song in this video was used predominantly to ridicule or highlight a point about the rider who's section the song was used on, and failing to find a song suitable to upset Fids, they just used a generally funny song for his part instead. Any truth in that? Who knows...Either way, BMX Inferno's soundtrack is as eclectic as it is iconic with tracks from Circle Jerks to Joni Mitchell and everything in between.

Track Listing (Artist/Track):

White Zombie: Thunderkiss 65
The Melvins: June Bug
Baba Brooks: Riverbanks
Supersuckers: Caliente
John Spencer Blues Explosion: Afro
Joni Mitchell: Big Yellow Taxi
Circle Jerks: Live Fast Die Young
Kids Of Widney High: Riding With Cowboy Brown
The Misfits: American Nightmare
Black Velvet Flag: I Don't Care About You
The Dwarves: Astro Boy
Milestone: Just Like Them
Retriever: Q-Tip
Hammerhead: Gremlin Stomp
Devo: Gates Of Steel
The Stooges: I Wanna Be Your Dog