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One man, a camera and a brand new BSteeD!

28 Apr 2023

Trent Lutzke diptic bike check portrait 1

Photos & Words by: Wes McGrath

Trent's all new BSD Safari V3 "Gold-Honey"

When quality and durability meet, you can find Trent. If you've been paying attention lately, you'd know that Trent has some seriously sturdy wrists! Handling double duty on most of his trips, he relies on BSD to keep him riding smooth during filming the squad and while he's dropping hammers from a nearby roof.

Currently, Trent rides the brand new Safari V3, "Gold-Honey" edition by Reed Stark. This version is better than ever and Trent was certainly proving the strength of this build while I was on the road with him and BSD for their first "Shop Stop Tour" of the year throughout Texas. I caught up with Trent to ask him a few insider questions about his bike and who he has become...

Age: 25

Hometown: Merrill, Michigan

Current city: Austin, Texas baby!

Supported by: BSDforever, DEADBREAD MFG, DIGBMX

Years riding: 12

Camera set-up: 2 HMC 150’s and a Lumix GH4

Metal or plastic?

I've been trying to utilize/appreciate both lately. I have a really hard time liking plastics but they definitely have their benefits for certain set ups. I just love the feeling of the steel and the way it makes me ride faster/simpler. Steel forever. Plastics when the set up calls for it.

Burns, Boyd, or Bruno?

All the above.

Metallica, Bone Thugz, or The Beatles?

Bone Thugz

Crank arm, barspin or downside tailwhip?

Barspin crank arm to tailwhip!? Imagine?..

Trent Lutzke bsd bike check 2023 1

Frame: Safari V3 21” Gold Honey

Fork: Dust Forks

Bars: Grime 9.5 Rise Raw

Stem: Stacked Black

Grips: Grime

Wheels: Swerve X AERO Pro Back and Front

Tires: DonnaSqueak 2.4 Black

Pegs: Crack Pipes and Rude Tubes

Cranks: Substance XL V2

Pedals: Safari

Chain: Forever Chain

Sprocket: 25 T Guard Sprocket

Seat: Grime Super BSD Seat

What is your favorite aspect of your current bike set up?

The steel pegs, 4 piece bars, and that rear hub clickin' away!

Trent Lutzke bsd bike check 2023 4
Trent Lutzke bsd bike check 2023 3

What and/or who were your main inspirations to begin riding BMX?

My best friend growing up, Austin, rips on a dirt bike and my parents weren’t about me getting a dirt bike so a bmx was the next best thing. Then going to Saginaw skatepark, locals there like Jesse Vasquez and Sean Pratt were grinding every rail in Saginaw and absolutely ripping the park. Those guys' first videos and The Michigan Video were my main inspirations for sure.

How long have you been filming? And what influenced you to pick up a video camera?

My friend Alex started filming Grant and I and all of our friends. The first video we ever filmed was the Sunday morning after The Michigan Video premiere, called it the TMV Hangover mix hahaha. Then from that we formed the 989 Crew. We all learned how to use the camera together filming each other, then I moved away and I missed it so much that I had to start doing it myself. 10 years later, still doing the same shit.

Top 5 DVD’s of time?

The Michigan Video

Any Which Way

Talk Is Cheap


Nearly 4K

Top 3 web videos of all time?

David Grant Raider Promo


BSD Puerto Rico

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Trent Lutzke bsd bike check 2023 8

When did you start riding for BSD?

A couple years ago at Swamp Fest; Curly, Reed, and Denim had a gap to jersey barrier event and it came down to me and this one other dude. I was trying to crank the thing and kept getting absolutely sent. Only stuck it like once but I just kept trying and eating shit and they loved it. Reed, Curly, and Denim rushed up to me with a beer and asked me to ride for BSD directly after that hahaha love those boys. Bruised ribs were totally worth it.

How did you get hooked up with Odyssey?

It was all Johnny Raekes! Shout out to him, and Krejmas, for trusting in me to get that one done. Dude is an absolute machine.

Tell us a little bit about your affiliation with Dead Bread MFG.?

Nick Seabasty moved to Michigan when I was like 16 and I started riding street with him a lot as I got older. He became like a big brother to me. One day we were out looking for spots and he said he wanted to start this clothing company and put me on. Ever since he’s made all kinds of cool shit, thrown endless jams, the list goes on. So proud of him for opening up a store now.

What motivates you to keep pushing through while working double duty, filming, and riding?

I just can’t pass up a good spot on the riding side of things haha. I love the hunt, no matter if it’s for me to get the clip, or for one of the boys to get it. Life rips on both sides of the lens, I’ve always felt like a biker first and the filming has just always been a part of the fun. It’s the editing that really feels like “work”. The filming just comes naturally with us, and all of the boys are great at it too. My girl has filmed some of my clips too haha. The HMC is great for that.

Trent Lutzke bsd bike check 2023 14
Trent Lutzke bsd bike check 2023 10

Since leaving your hometown up in the Midwest, where have you lived up until moving into Austin this past year?

Grew up in Michigan in a tiny one stoplight farm town called Merrill, nothing but corn and dirt roads. Moved to Lansing, Michigan for a couple years to go to school. Then transferred to a school 10 hours north in a town called Houghton. Finished up school and worked for Jeff K a bit in Milwaukee. Then made the final big move to Austin this past year. So stoked to finally be down here, it’s definitely been a dream of mine for a long time.

What was the biggest challenge you experienced while going to school in the U.P.?

The 6-7 month winters make it nearly impossible to ride. So the mental battle dealing with not riding my bike for weeks at a time was always the hardest. I was so addicted to my bike that it became really hard for me to focus on school. So in a way, the winters helped me focus on getting that shit done and over with. Snowboarding also helped big time.

After college, what was your plan?

Head south as far as I could away from the snow and gray skies of the midwest. Then ride and travel as much as I possibly can until I die.

Since spending a year in Austin, how are you liking the scene here so far?

Been here about 6 months now and it feels like I’ve lived here all my life. I love it. The scene is THRIVING.

You and Grant Yoobie go way back to the Midwest, now living together in ATX and both riding for BSD. How is it having a hometown homie with you on this journey?

Grant and I have been addicted to this shit since we were 14 years old. To be on the same team is a dream come true. We’ve always pushed each other to be better on and off the bike. Love him like a brother. This move to Austin has just added fuel to the fire.

Trent Lutzke bsd bike check 2023 7
Trent Lutzke bsd bike check 2023 5

If you had to choose a signature part of your own, what would it be?

Steel pegs or a chain would be badass.

Do you have any plans for the year coming up? Travels, contests, videos etc?

I want to visit Michigan this summer to see my family then would love to get back out to Scotland for a few months. Hopin to just switch roles with Tammo and sleep on his couch for a bit. Then from there I want to bounce around Europe as much as possible. Would love to get involved in more contests this year. Videos are always in the works! Doing as many InBetween episodes as possible, BSD videos, and planning on dropping a DVD sometime next year. All the boys down here are getting behind it and starting to stack. Stoked to see where that ends up!

If you could accomplish one thing by this time next year, what would it be?

I wanna own a house here in Austin. That’s been the big goal lately.

Any final words?

Thank you Grant and Rachel for supporting us misfits. Thank you Reed, Denim and Curly Mayne. Thank you all the boys at DIG. Thank you to all of the great people around me down here in Austin. Thank you Maddy and Marv. And thank you bikes.




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Trent is supported by DIG Official Partners: BSD and Odyssey