High desert and jordan
23 Mar 2023

Sturdy Wrists - Jordan Richardson & Cody Nemeth (AKA High Desert)

A pretty cool recipe for a solid attitude


Words & Photo by Pat Freyne

Jordan Richardson

Jordan Richardson is one of the most polite kids I’ve come across in BMX. Now, team that up with a mellow demeanour and a keen interest in the world around him, on and off his bike, and you’ve got a pretty cool recipe for a solid attitude. The last 6 months or so I’ve spent a lot of time with him filming and shooting photos together and can’t say it's ever been a bore.

That being said, he’s done a lot of growing up in the last couple of years since screaming “riverside baby!” after pulling a clip that blew our minds at the spot, but had our palms on our faces just as fast (lol)! Fuck man... has he really has shown us what he’s capable of on a bike. Keep it coming Jord, ya mad little cnt.


Jord, whats up mate? First things first - full name, where are you from and age?

Jordan Richardson, I’m from Riverside California, and i’m 19 years old.

How long have you been riding and how did you get into it?

I’ve been riding for 6 years. I originally started skating, fell in love with street, and got a bike because of my friends in middle school.

Who are your favorite riders and who keeps you stoked?

Lewis, Felix, and Dak are my favorite riders, but honestly I get the most stoked from my friends like Nino Valdez, Max Vu, and Marcel... they are the guys I’m always looking up to.

How did the Eclat thing come about and how was it getting out on the recent SD trip?

I did the Vans 'The Circle' video contest for Kings RideShop, they dudes at Eclat were stoked on my riding, so they hit me up about being a part of their AM team. I was beyond stoked to be a part of the trip! It was mind blowing that we got to wake up everyday for a week to just go ride bikes and get clips. Working with Grant C was amazing. I’d say my favorite moment on the trip was getting ramen. We all worked so hard that day, and going to a bomb food spot was just what we needed to end an amazing day.

Any other hook-ups sponsors wise?

I’m also supported by Cult and Kings RideShop. Robbie and James have done so much for me these past few years!

"My two bucket list cities to ride would be Barcelona and Philly, I’ve heard so much about them, and the spots look amazing."
- Jordan Richardson

What else have you got going on in life, you’re studying right now yeah?

Haha yeah, i’m currently in college for sociology. I work at an elementary school with kids that have Autism. I love painting traditional flash art, and I got a girlfriend so i’m always busy!

Thats rad! You got plans to try to pursue tattooing at some point?

Yeah I honestly love tattooing and the culture, and i'll definitely considering apprenticing after BMX. My brother owns a shop up in the high desert, so I’ll always have that connection to tattooing, but as of right now just painting.

Been working on any other videos right since the Eclat GUTTER vid?

Right now I’m working on an Eclat video. It’s gonna be mostly filmed in SoCal, and hopefully a few small trips around the area. I’m excited to show everyone what we’re working on!

Got anywhere you haven’t traveled yet to ride that you’d really like to?

My two bucket list cities to ride would be Barcelona and Philly, I’ve heard so much about them, and the spots look amazing.

What's a perfect day look like for you and the homies?

My homies are a very productive crew, so we are always out filming and working on a new project. A perfect day is going to a city, getting some clips, just having the most fun out riding and enjoying what BMX has to offer

Any final words for the people reading this?

I just wanna thank Eclat for this opportunity, I’m so grateful for all they’ve done for me. Also big thanks to CULTCREW and Kings RideShop for always supporting me and what I do. And the WhySoLate crew for all our good times, and for being my best friends. BMX is so rad, I owe everything to this sport.


Cody Nemeth (AKA High Desert)

Desert has proven quickly to me to be the kind of dude that's got that innate ability to be really good at whatever he tries his hand at. Whether it be riding bikes, mechanical work or drifting cars, he’s got the sauce for it all somehow. When it comes to his riding he’s freakishly good kicking whips any-which-way, and barspinning in and out of it all.

It’s been a treat getting to know him over the past couple of years - seeing him progress as a rider, and open up as a person, coming out of his shell some more on trips together. I'm looking forward to seeing where he goes next and what kinda mayhem he’s getting into.


Alright Dez first things first mate... Government name, where are you from, and age?

What do you mean government name!? My name is High. Desert. Just kidding, my real name is Cody Nemeth, I reside in Victorville CA. A small desert town that’s growing very fast (which I don’t like that much lol) I am 23 at the moment.

How long have you been riding and what's the deal with your stack of other hobbies?

That’s a hard question because I feel like I’ve been riding my whole life, but I started figuring it out maybe in 2013-14 when I put pegs on and rode street with my friends in the neighborhood Andrew Adams and Genesis Apostal. I definitely have a whole lot of things I like to do outside of riding bikes. I enjoy riding moto, Rock crawling, drifting, Jumping stock vehicles, and mechanic work. I’ve grown up watching all the metal mulisha / crusty demons of dirt stuff so it’s all had an impact on the dumb things I enjoy. My newest hobby is making YouTube stuff which I’ve learned isn’t very easy.

Favorite riders? Who keeps you stoked?

Well someone who I’ve always enjoyed watching would be Sean Ricany, classic answer but he’s a good biker. He would be my first choice because he taught me how to hit bigger hand rails. Met him at vans HB a long time ago and trained the vans rail with him and Rocco Giuseppe which definitely got me hyped to push it harder… For a new kid that’s been killing it I’d have to give it to Jordan Richardson, I met Jordan a few years ago when he wasn’t as good as he was now but definitely could see it in him that he enjoys riding and pushing himself, super proud of where he’s come and his drive to film/ride as much as he can. Inspires me to want to get on the bike more.

Also who's your favorite hometown hero biker from the High Desert?

Man this is a hard one. There’s too many OGs up here that still kill it. But Zach Krejmas is first because he documented all the riders I looked up to growing up in the desert. He’s a great biker and filmer. Sometimes makes surprise appearances in the desert from time to time. A few other names I enjoy watching would be Patrick Phillips, James Arneson, Dallas Dunn.

How did the Eclat thing come about? How was the GUTTER trip, any standout moments?

Honestly it was very random for me! Just got a DM from Fooman aka Jason Colledge asking if I’d be interested in it. And you (Pat) for throwing my name out there to them so much appreciation. The trip was awesome. Had a good time with my friends that I always ride with, and did a few things I haven’t done before. A standout moment would have to be our tag along buddy Broc Raiford jumping up and down in the street because he had to let one rip while me and Pat rode the Kinked rail in the dark while he watched traffic for us. But he stuck it out like a champ. Also uncapping that kinker and getting a trick on both sides of it was a good feeling.

"Never thought I’d have the opportunity to ride my bike in New York and film there. Just thinking about it gets me hyped to ride."
- High Desert

Any other hookups BMX wise ?

Yes sir! I also ride for Cult Crew and Onsomeshit. 2 companies I’ve looked up to and went to every jam they held in my upbringing. All the love to both of them for everything they do for me.

Are you working on a video part right now for any of them?

No, honestly I’m bad at filming. It bothers me a lot and I really need to step up my game on that side of things.

We also just wrapped up filming for a new OSS full length,You’ve got some footage in that coming out soon right? How were the trips?

Man I am so hyped for that video to come out, I did get some stuff I’m very happy with in there! I made it on the New York trip with the boys and it was surreal being there. Never thought I’d have the opportunity to ride my bike in New York and film there. Just thinking about it gets me hyped to ride.

Got anywhere you haven’t traveled to yet to ride that you’d really like to go?

This is a hard one, there is so many places to go and see. If I had the opportunity to go somewhere right now to ride BMX I’d probably have to choose Barcelona. Everyone talks so highly of it for every sport. I need to experience it. In the states I’d go to Austin, TX. because the boys out there go crazy and the spots they ride are crazier.

Whats a perfect day look like for you and the homies?

I don’t even know! Maybe a skatepark sesh in the morning, Straight into a good desert rip in some beater cars, add some drifting and crawling to that mix and it would be sick. But honestly that’s a every weekend thing right there.

Any final words for the people reading this?

Thank you to everyone involved for giving me this opportunity. All my sponsors in and outside of BMX. And all the homies, I ask y’all to push me to ride more because I’m honestly slacking in my opinion and not as motivated as I should be. Much love !



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