New blood in San Diego

6 Mar 2023

Photos by Pat Freyne

New blood for the Eclat AM team! To celebrate the latest additions of High Desert and Jordan Richardson to the squad, those guys hopped in the van with teammates Homie Rich and Pat Freyne for a trip to San Diego. Take a look through some memories of SD from Pat Freyne and then watch 'Gutter'.

"With the recent additions to the AM team, High Desert and Jordan Richardson. We thought it would be fitting to team them up with the other AM riders down the road Pat Freyne and Homie Rich to get on a long weekend adventure.

With some freshly built-up bikes and a new brand sponsor the van was loaded up and the AM team took a trip to SD for a good old BMX filled excursion. Considering the crew didn’t have long and the weather wasn’t on side, the bounty that was had was very fruitful. We are super stoked to welcome High Desert and Jordan Richardson to the eclat AM team. We've just got cookin'!" - ECLAT BMX