The wildest hour of BMX ever televised?!

3 Aug 2023

Words & Photos: Wes McGrath

Well, X-Games is back in a big way this year by taking Real BMX to another level for the 2023 X-Games experience. The well-known, yet elusive Rincon 4 block spot hidden in the rolling hills of Southern California was utilized like it never has been before... Usually this location is held under a tight lock and key, and to those who have been there know why it's not your everyday kind of session. The week before the games up in Ventura county, California Real BMX was ahead of the curve by being the first televised BMX event of its kind. 10 of today's leading street riders were invited to be apart of history, a live broadcast hosting the heaviest session Rincon has ever seen, in search for X-Games GOLD!

Colin Varanyak, 'Brett Silver', Garrett Reynolds, Jordan Godwin, Lewis Mills, Johnny Raekes, Mike Guth, Matt Ray, Brad Simms and Nathan Williams all stepped up to be apart of this legendary session full of NBD's and jaw dropping moments! The industry's best surrounded the court the basketball court in anticipation of some seriously crazy shit! Believe it or not, the school's superintendent was present to watch everything go down, he even decided to keep Brett's broken wheel and hang it up in the front office of the school as a shrine to the event and BMX!

Needless to say, this is a big step for BMX in the extreme world of action sports, everyone walked away with smiles and the shared feelings of success for us all within BMX. Check out 40 plus photos encapsulating some of the biggest moments of this epic day at RINCON! Enjoy...