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8 Jun 2023

The "Full Coverage" Interview

Never underestimate the camera guy!

Sunday Odyssey

Photos & Interview by: Wes McGrath

Scott Marceau and Zach Krejmas have both come from a background of "rider turned cinematographer". Throughout their duties as image makers and nearly a lifetime of pedaling to seek and destroy, these two dudes are serious about their influence and impact on both sides of the camera across the BMX industry. Scott has been a legend in the making for years and the go-to photographer for so many riders over the years, and he is no stranger to creating his video projects. Zach has won over the industry at large with his great filming and dedicated attitude... These aspects of creativity are special, and especially when they combine forces, the results are epic!

I've been riding and working alongside these guys for years and they never seem to hold back when it comes to expressing their love for riding BMX! This interview below looks further into what it takes to be an industry Swiss army knife... riding, filming, driving, spot locating and sometimes baby sitting!? It takes time to refine a video like this one and especially in between working full time at Full Factory distribution, home to Sunday and Odyssey BMX.


FULL COVERAGE with Zach Krejmas & Scott Marceau

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Name: Scott Marceau

Age: 36

Years riding: most of ‘em

Favorite rider growing up and why? Van Homan. Seek & Destroy was one of the first videos I remember seeing and I was floored- still am.

Favorite rider today? Mat Hoffman

Favorite movie? The Big Lebowski

Favorite BMX video? The clip of Denim doing a hanger down Hollywood High on his Barbie bike.

3 top videos in your room growing up? Seek & Destroy, Nowhere Fast, Wide Awake Nightmare.

3 DVD’s in your collection now? Call Somebody, Eyecontact, Wide Awake Nightmare.

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Originally ran in the pages of DIGBMX magazine issue 2022. Zach and Scott make magic in one of Long Beach's grimiest alleyways. Scott squeezes through with Zach hot on his heels!

Name: Zach Krejmas

Age: 33

Years riding: 20

Favorite rider growing up and why? It’s a tie between Ian Schwartz and Chase Dehart… when style, skill, and creativity perfectly mesh!

Favorite rider today? Lewis Mills or Simone

Favorite movie? The Holy Mountain

Favorite BMX video? Cult Talk is Cheap and BSD Transmission

3 top videos in your room growing up? Lotek Mixtape, Animal Can I Eat and Fit Life

3 DVD’s in your collection now? Chocolate Truck 2, Street Vacation by Alex Duleba, Fictional Finalism as well as Spyglass by Andrew Schubert

You two are both full time for Full Factory, and that crew seems to keep you endlessly busy as film makers and photographers… how did this video concept materialize in between all your daily duties?

Zach: I have to give thanks and praises to Nuno Oliveira who is the marketing manager over at Full Factory. Nuno had a vision for the project and allowed us to set aside some “work days” to go out and film specifically for this.

Scott: I think the higher-ups suggested it based on the fact that we both love to ride and are always out pedaling with the team.

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One thing that is certain with these two; you can always find them at the center of a group of very excited friends!

From the LBC Doorsteps to those LA AAngles!

How long did the entire duration of filming for this video take?

Zach: Just over a year and seven months. The first official clip was filmed on September 28th, 2021 and the last clip was filmed May 12th, 2023.

Scott: The entire process took a little over two years.

I don’t think I’ve seen an intro clip with a camera pass before?! How long did it take you guys to lace that one clip together and was there any near camera fumbles?

Zach: The camera pass-off was something that got discussed for a while before doing it, but I don’t think either of us anticipated how hard it would be to actually do. First there’s the logistics of each of us doing tricks in continuous line at a single spot, and then there’s the act of actually pulling it off. All in all I believe it took about two hours to film that clip. It felt like the first hour was spent scratching our heads and scheming about what area of the spot could work for each of us to do our tricks, with enough room in the middle for the handoff. Then it took about another hour or so to pull it all off. In the clip you can hear me say “got it” once I have a firm grip on the camera, but on the first take my grip wasn’t as firm as I thought and things felt quite a bit sketchy for a millisecond, luckily no gear was harmed in the making of this clip… We actually pulled it twice but ended up using the first take for a number of reasons.

Scott: That clip took an hour or so, mostly because of planning. We had the concept for a few weeks but not the spot. Even when we got to the spot, it took us a bit to figure out the logistics. The camera’s safety was paramount and we made sure to have complete understanding that one of us was in control of it.

How exactly did you two go about filming this split video? Would you go out on solo sessions together or was it all filmed on spare time whilst out in the van?

Zach: It was a mix of both. Scott did a better job at getting a clip here and there while out on local missions and trips with team riders, and we definitely had a number of dedicated days where I got the majority of my clips filmed.

Scott: At first we tried to film stuff between team riding sessions but that wasn’t working out very well so we started to dedicate days to ourselves to go out and film.

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Precision and preparation by these guys is always top notch!

2nd angle Zack Scott DIGBMX 8

Support leads to success! The give and take in making a clip happen with these guys is refined!

Which trick are you most hyped on landing in this video and which clip was your favorite to film of the other during this project?

Zach: My favorite clip of myself has to be the fast plant hard 180 over the rail. I’d been dreaming of that move for years, the spot was perfect, and the moment was right. It’s also the very first clip filmed for the video (before the video was even conceptualized), luckily Scott filmed the clip of me that day so I had to use it for this! My favorite clip that I filmed of Scott is definitely the switch feebs to fakie ice around the bend. We both put in so much work to get that one clip and I think we both really felt the payoff from it. It was the very last clip that Scott got and it really helped to strengthen the project that much more.

Scott: The first clip I filmed of Zach was the ender and I still feel like I nailed the shot. That one happened before the whole project was conceptualized and made the entire video relatively low-stress knowing that we already had an ender. I am most hyped on my ice over smith because it was so long in the making- I had tried to get it for a different video a few years ago.

Which clip took the longest to film/land?

Zach: Definitely Scott’s switch feebs to fakie ice around the bend (mentioned above). Close to 8 hours of attempts over the course of 4 different days to get that one done.

Scott: My feeble 180 ice took the longest, no question. We went there four different times and even though I got something at least usable three of the four days, I wanted it to be cleaner. I’d say that one took a total of about ten hours.

Did you guys travel outside of California or was this solely a Cali production?

Zach and Scott: It was largely filmed in CA, but luckily we were able to sneak in a clip or two while on some team trips throughout the filming period. We're stoked to have footage from NYC, Phoenix, and Albuquerque in the mix.

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Long Beach, California is home to Zach and plenty of palm tree spots, or lack there of palm tree! Foot-plant gap to nose bonk

A lot of my riding comes from the school of “less is more”, and so filming things right is very important.


Zach you’re pegless and Scott you have 4 pegs. Did your separate bike set-ups and riding styles help you guys find more spots to ride together, that you otherwise might not have found on your own?

Zach: Scott and I might ride a bit differently, but our approach to riding is very similar. We’re both super spot-oriented and so a lot of our ideas and spots would be planned out ahead of time. However, this project did lead to me doing my first grind-to-grind ever.

Scott: I was hoping to have more clips on the same setups as Zach but our individual styles didn’t afford much of that. I am hyped that we got the ledge-next-to-rail clips of each other- that made for a good segment in the video.

Did you guys surprise each other sometimes with spot choice and seeing things the other one wouldn’t?

Zach: Scott is a certified grind technician and he definitely surprised me with a few of his more conceptual clips! The 'cattywampus' smith-to-smith stands out, as well as the weird floating 60/40 where his front peg grind while his back wheel rolls on the rail. That one really blew my mind.

Scott: Yeah for sure. Zach’s riding is so different from mine, with all the fast-plants and bonks and stuff, it was really eye-opening to see how those kinds of ideas pan out.

Were you two film this whole thing, entirely? Any bro cams?

Zach: All clips were filmed by either Scott or myself, the only exception being the opening rolling shot that pushes into the fisheye lens. We had the homie Diego Bravo help us with that single shot.

Scott: Yeah just Zach and I. Chadwick filmed a back-to-back clip of us that we used for promo and Justin Benthien was around for a lot of the filming but didn’t ever hold the camera.

2nd angle Zack Scott DIGBMX 9

Scott is precise and very detail oriented when it comes to tricks and spot choice!

What clip scared you the most as a rider, and as the guy pressing record?

Zach: My last clip, the fast plant to hard 180 over the rail is one of the scariest things I’ve done in recent times… maybe ever. Just the risk of clipping your back wheel on the rail with your other leg wrapped behind the bike, that really had me shook. While filming Scott, he does this beveled pedal grind that had this grate on the top of the ledge, with a large drop underneath. Scott was having to bail a lot and I was definitely sweating his foot getting stuck in the grate... or worse, him somehow falling with all of his weight on top of the gate, and it giving way! Scott got away clean though.

Scott: Zach’s gap into the steep, cutty bank scared me quite a bit. His speed had to be so precise to catch the right angles and be able to drop off cleanly. I was feeling risk-averse for this one and so there was a lot more challenge than fear for me personally.

So, Zach, how did you end up spending that $20 bucks you bet Sauce on your hard way 180 foot-plant over the rail?

If I remember correctly, I think we ate real good that night! I probably also purchased some celebratory beers?! haha To be fair, Sauce offered up the $20 to me if I pulled it!

Scott, do you remember ever winning a bet on a clip you filmed for this video?

Nah, no one makes bets with me because they know I’m a shark out there.

As image makers, does it give you more confidence working with each other knowing the camera man is your friend, your colleague and an experienced filmer?

Zach: Absolutely, I cannot stress the importance of the above statement enough. As a filmer, I really care about how the clip comes out. A lot of my riding comes from the school of “less is more”, and so filming things right is very important. It was so nice not having to worry about if a clip was going to get blown or something. Being able to just focus in on the riding is really crucial for me to get a clip that I’m stoked on.

Scott: No doubt! There was never a moment where I had to concern myself with what the filmer was doing which is definitely an issue with other, less experienced cameramen. Zach is a master of his craft and I trust him 110%.

2nd angle Zack Scott DIGBMX 13

Scott Marceau handling it like a pro! Locked and loaded all the way to the end, Scott earns his ender!

Scott is a certified grind technician and he definitely surprised me with a few of his more conceptual clips!


How does it feel to have this project wrapped up at last?

Zach: I’m so happy to finally get this one out there! It took a little longer than anticipated, but I’m very satisfied with the end product. It feels like the end of an era of sorts, but who knows, maybe there will be a follow up of sorts in the future ;)

Scott: It feels great! But now it’s time to get more serious about the next project...

Can you guys give us some insight into each of your enders?

Zach: It still shocks me that I was able to pull my ender on this day, generally I struggle with really going in on a clip if I’m behind the camera for the day (i.e. not really riding heavily that day).We’d been pedaling around LA all day and into the early evening, focused on filming with Jake Seeley and Julian Arteaga. After arriving at the spot I immediately knew it was the perfect one for this dream trick of mine. Naturally my brain started to process and visualize… and when no one else had a move for the spot, (and with the day winding down), it just felt like the right moment to entertain actually giving the fast-plant hard 180 some goes. I’d never done one over something or even down a drop, but I knew that in order to go over something, you kind of needed the drop. After a strenuous mental battle to get over my fear of injury, and three attempts later, I could not be more stoked to have walked away with the make. It felt really special to have the support of a ton of riders that I look up to, who just so happened to all be there for that moment. Shout out to Sauce too! I think his $20 offering helped me to flip the switch!

Scott: I was supposed to get a different clip on the day of my ender, something that would have taken not much time at all (although I’ve come to find out it would have been an ABD) and so we had invited a pretty big crew to come out with us. I felt bad dragging everyone to that ledge but it was really the only other thing on my list at that time. There’s a BYOB restaurant across the street so the boys posted up for the time it took me. We had gotten a soft boot almost immediately after showing up but security is so lazy there that they never came back, and we were there for well over an hour. I was incredibly relieved to finally get it because I had tried it for hours before for a different video. Zach’s ender was awesome too because we had a big crew that day and I think we all thought we were done riding for the day when he called out the clip. I had never filmed anything like that and Zach nailed it first try and for 20 bucks from Sauce. The fanfare was second-to-none.

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2nd angle Zack Scott DIGBMX 2

Is there any special words or thanks you’d like to send out now?

Zach:Thank you to Nuno for spearheading the project, Odyssey BMX, Sunday Bikes, and all of the team guys for the support. Also thank you to Wes and Will at DIG for the love, and to all filmers / editors out there helping to bring BMX to riders’ eyes!

Scott: Thanks to Zach for sticking with me. Thanks to our brand manager Nuno for the opportunity to be a pseudo-pro rider for two years. Thanks to you, Wes, and to Dig for hosting and promoting the project!

Zach & Scott are supported by Official DIGBMX partners: Odyssey BMX and Sunday Bikes