48 Hours with Dillon Leeper

Making the most of a job on a pop up food cart...

18 Feb 2015

Filmed and edited by Justin Benthien

Profile's Dillon Leeper went on a two week cross country trip with his job: Goatcado. I was pretty stoked that a small food truck would snatch up their employees and take them on a two week vacation. While on the road, they stopped in Boulder for 48 hours where Dillon met up with Justin Benthien to film this quick edit. Here's what he had to say...

"This past August, I was invited by an old boss from Chipotle to come work for Goatocado. Goatocado is a pop up cart and catering service, that serves freshly made and healthy food. As this year came to an end, the idea of a cross country trip came up as a reward for a good year. My trip companions consisted of Ian Newell, Keisler Baquiran, Michael Eldried, Nick Kroko, Bernie the dog and myself. With two weeks off and a shuttle bus to roam the country, we hit the road.

Having somewhat of a loose plan, and knowing we wanted to wake up some where different each day, we set out with no real agenda. A few of the places we managed to visit were the Grand Canyon, Monterey, CA, San Francisco, CA, Sacramento, CA. We explored through the Redwood Forrest of California and Oregon. We continued on to Vancouver, WA, cutting backdown the coast and over to Denver,CO along with Boulder, CO. We succeeded in seeing many destination points, finding tons of amazing spots to pull off throughout our adventures.

Knowing thats this trip wasn't exactly one for riding, I still brought my bike. The first chance I got to ride my bike was when we stopped in Portland. The stay was short lived but I spent my time riding a spot I never thought I'd get to make it to, Burnside Skatepark. Before leaving for the trip, Denver was the only planned stop I had. Thanks to my friend Justin Benthien. I spent 48 hours getting to hangout, see the beautiful city of Denver, along with spending our time filming this edit for Profile Racing. After the last few days of the trip in Colorado, I was stoked on the clips we gathered.

By the time we made it to Denver we had driven 6610 miles. And had another 1690 miles before we made it home. Saying our goodbyes, the bus was loaded, the dudes were a go, we headed east to Virginia." - Dillon Leeper