An integral element in the BMX bloodline.

15 Apr 2022

Filmed and edited by Rob Dolecki; additional footage courtesy of Seamus.

DIY is by no means a new concept in BMX. It was essentially founded on this principle, back when a young teenager named Scott Breithaupt organized the first legit BMX race at vacant dirt lot in Long Beach, California, in 1970, and sparked the raging inferno that we call BMX today. Yet, despite concrete riding pioneers like John Palfreyman (who slashed both empty pools and pool poacher’s car tires with the true Dogtown crew in ’75) and Jeff Watson (who ripped hips and full pipes at southern California concrete parks with his non-mark-making red tires in the early ’80s), DIY concrete terrain never seemed to take root in bike riding.

Times are changing. More and more concrete creations by bikers have been popping up in the wild over the last few years, like the Goat Pen in North Carolina. There's a dedicated group of builders/shredders, both BMX'ers and skaters, behind it, led by Seamus McKeon. Seamus breaks down some of the trials and tribulations of building a concrete masterpiece, and why it means so much to him to get out there and live the DIY ethos.

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