Jay Lonergan - Blood, Sweat & Trails

Posh trails and a different breed of human

3 Nov 2017

Filmed and edited by Rob Dolecki | A DIG BMX Production

When the first shovelful of the infamous orange magic dirt was scooped and stacked into a pile on a strip of undeveloped land in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, back in 1994, it sparked a clay inferno that resulted in multiple lines filled with various progressive jumps that became the legendary Posh Woods. The lasting impact and huge influence that Posh and the locals have had on the global trails community is undeniable. The bar on jump construction and shaping, trails etiquette, and dedication (to name a few) has been raised multiple notches over the last two decades, thanks to Posh.

One current Posh local has been there since day one and continues to steer the ship with relentless passion-Jay Lonergan. In his DIG Issue 90 interview, Joe Rich summed up his lifelong friend well: “Jay’s life is dedicated to that place. It is a huge part of his soul. Just seeing that love and dedication for it, him riding his bike and doing what he needs to do get that feeling he needs from it. Even working long hours at a full-time job and going straight from work to build the trails for a month at a time, only to have them washed away and start that process again… that’s just another level altogether. It’s one thing to do it for a year or two, but almost 20 years (Ed. note: over 23 at this point), that’s a different breed of human.” 

Enjoy some wisdom straight from the mind of arguably the most dedicated rider to the trails lifestyle, of all time. All hail the Trail Shaman.

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