BSD X DIG "Lost In Iran" Unseen

Re-visting one of our favourite trips of all time

24 Aug 2016

Filmed and edited by Antoine Sabourin

When you travel to a far away land shrouded by a turbulent history and pretty much solely bad press, you're going to come away with something, be it good or bad. However, as will be with most cases, things couldn't have worked out better for BSD's Luc Legrand, Antony Lille and guest rider, Clement Baes with Iran playing the perfect host to their 2015 adventure. Due to the amount of incredible stuff to see there was an excess of great footage that gave more of the flavour of the trip beyond just the rdiing. Sit back and enjoy some of that extra footage that didn't make the original cut.

Watch the original video here:

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Meet the Iran BMX locals here:

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