Mid-Atlantic marauders

28 Sep 2023

Video by Profile.

"The machinations of any road trip with the Profile crew takes quite a bit of time.

Aligning work vs. vacation vs. seasonal windows vs. host’s schedules; we try and try until the stars finally align.

Our good friend, Dave Long, initiated the invite to host our crew a year ago.

After multiple delays, the summer of 2023 became the convergence date; albeit just 3 total days to make things happen.

Like many of our crew’s road trips, there is no set plan and there is no set filmer.

We hit spots together with no preconceived notions, rather let the session create the vibe and have the chips fall where they lay.

This is our collaborative collection of 72 hours in Dave’s neck of the woods.

Shout out to him for being the host with the most, for being our guide,

and for creating the title and theme based around the overarching coalescence of both the military and civilian cultures in his local area.

We hope you enjoy."


Callsign Carolina is Dillon Leeper, Dan Dellorso, Mark Mulville, Kent Pearson, Dave Long, Neal Cart, Shane Leeper, and Dre Tylee.

Profile are Official DIG Partners.

MUSIC: "Buildings began to stretch wide across the sky, and the air filled with a reddish glow" by Red Sparrows.