Profile's Neighborhood Crawl - Richmond

The Leeper bros, Bobby Proctor, Dre Tylee, Eric Holladay, Dan Conway & more...

17 Dec 2021

Filmed by The Crew and Latane Coghill | Edited by Matt Coplon | In conjunction with Profile

Profile's Neighborhood Crawl: Richmond, Va.

As with the previous cities selected, we choose a rider's house as a home base, and on most days, pedal from there to ride the local spots.

Thanks to Shane Leeper and Sara Parker for being our hosts.

To Steve Crandall for his help in between days.

To Chad Powers for a dialed afternoon at the shop.

To Latane Coghill for help with filming and for being a solid human.

This is Profile's Neighborhood Crawl, Richmond.

Shane and Dillon Leeper, Bobby Proctor, Dre Tylee, Eric Holladay, and Dan Conway.

Guest clips by Latane Coghill, James Lukas, and Declan Murray.

Join us. - Matt Coplon


Read the full story and check out the photo gallery here...

Music with permission: "Largo" by Meatwound.