Campblender Volume 1

The best park mix you'l see for a long time

1 Oct 2015

Filmed and edited by Justin Benthien

Justin Benthien got to spend quite a long time at Woodward this past summer and clocked an enormous amount of footy with some of the best out there. A moment has to be taken to acknowledge how insane Jay Dalton is though. I'v seen a few videos from him now (but not nearly enough) and the guy is off his nut, the whole time doing it with a huge smile on his face, brilliant.

"Though it may be almost 2 decades old the VX lives on at Woodward Camp. Check out the first mix of the series, featuring riding from Jeremiah Smith, Jimmy Smith, Dan Foley, Chris Doyle, Jacob Campbell, Zach Syzmaniak, Timmy Theus, Trey Jones, Alex Duleba and Jay Dalton." - Ride BMX