Chad DeGroot - Daytona Skatepark

Revisiting old tricks at the park

9 May 2015

Filmed and edited by Chad Degroot

Chad Degroot has been innovating with his unique mix of flatland/park/street for years and decided to revisit an old trick at the Daytona park recently. Sparked by the excitement of landing it he proceeded to round out a quick session video for the hell of it. If you are wondering what freecoaster Chad is running these days, look no further - Why the Z Coaster?

"Been riding so much flatland lately and had visions of trying some tricks I have not done in awhile but on my flat machine at the park. Namely the tail whip from the back pegs. First did this in 2006 so today was the day to make it happen again. I was not taking NO for an answer or leave with my tail between my legs. Early bird got the worm. Pulled three of them today and that made my day. Made my month. Could not leave Daytona park without riding the rest of the place and my flat bike felt so good" - Chad Degroot