Collective - Nic Bonner and Preston Levi

"In collaboration with Colorado's finest, Pusher Bmx Shop..."

2 Jun 2015

Video by The Community Project

Two old friends riding together again in Denver after many years, and doesn't seem like they've skipped a beat. Bucketing out pools, blasting around concrete bowls, and grinding ledges together like old times.

"In collaboration with Colorado's finest, Pusher Bmx Shop, we are excited to bring you Collective. Bringing together two riders who represent that tight knit community we have in BMX Nic Bonner and Preston Levi share lines at the park and session street spots in the mile high city. I've been lucky enough to see Nic and Preston continue to kill it on a bike since the early days of the Jackson house. Both are native Denver locals who after many years reside in the same place again. Working with Pusher Bmx we set out to capture some of the huge list of tricks these two bring to the table. Neither Nic or Preston lack in bike skills or personality, and this edit shows a little of that. I don't think I'm going to far to say these are two of my favorite riders to watch." - The Community Project