Colorado Concrete Bros. LLC - Mixtape 1

A long list of riders killing the fine parks of Colorado

28 Apr 2016

Filmed and edited by Andrew Knight

Well this was a treat to have pop up in the submission box! Long list of riders for this one, no doubt some you'll recognise. Thanks to Andrew Knight for putting this together because who doesn't love to see a video of dudes sending some of the nicest concrete there is!

"This mixtape includes a long list of riders, doing what they do at concrete skateparks throughout colorado! Brian Fox, Alex Walker, Nathan Tyas, Aj Anaya, Evan Johnson, Andrew Knight, Austin O'Malley, Cheese, Adam Accardi, Paco, Gregg Buchanan, Derek Dial, Kelsy Hoog, Brian Banghart, Danny Camacho, Mowgli, Ryan Cibulski, Dawson Foster, Jantzen Framton, Trey Herrera, and Tremain Stewart are all featured in the edit!! Please subscribe for more and enjoy!!"Andrew Knight