Fathead, Kris Bunnage, Harry Barrett, Ben Towle, Nathan Goring, Isaac Downey, Michael Attewell, Harry Mills-Wakley and Brandon Steele

26 Nov 2021

Filmed and edited by Tom Horton / Additional filming by Darren Deez, Nathan Goring, Harry Mills-Wakley and Harry Barrett

Sit back and enjoy a 27 minute tour of the finest spots London, UK has to offer, courtesy of the 4Down team and the big smoke's legendary brick estates. Featuring Fathead (Animal / S&M Bikes), Kris Bunnage (United), Harry Barrett (S&M Bikes), Ben Towle (etnies / United), Nathan Goring (S&M Bikes), Isaac Downey (FIT), Michael Attewell (S&M Bikes), Harry Mills-Wakley (United / Animal / etnies) and Brandon Steele (FIT) - this is a must-see!

Also be on the look out for the Estates With Mates zine at your local 4Down UK dealer!