A Tale Of BMX, Blow-Up Dolls, And Ball-Busting Roof Gaps

FBM - Wheels Of Confusion - Episode 5

9 Mar 2015

Video by Make Your Bones

To celebrate 21 years in business FBM's Steve Crandall and crew headed home. Happy belated birthday FBM!

"The FBM crew is back where it all started in Ithaca, NY, where the dudes shred Steve Crandall's old local, bust some trains, and heckle loan skateboard shredder Josh Swyers. From Ithaca the bus rolls to Binghampton, NY where Kenny Horton, Eric Holladay and Latane Cognill break off to ride some street and Holladay proceeds to bust his balls on a wild rooftop set up. Back at the FBM factory, the crew set up camp for the weekend, Crandall gives us some insight into running a independent business in an ever changing, fickle BMX landscape, and Travis gets acquainted with Lyndsay Blowhan" - Epic TV