22 May 2024

This is an extra special project for Portugal's Hedy Guerra - dedicated to his late mum, he can be proud of what he achieved in this DIG Locals submission. Despite setbacks including a ligament injury, Hedy powered through and has a great end result to look back on. 

“I've always dreamed of creating something in the present to remember a day later. For me it's comforting to create memories and be able to sit back and review them. That's why this video project is no different. "Remembrance" is its title. . And despite having been interrupted by my ligament injury in my right knee, I believe this is special, I bring you a video with some personality, in which I dedicated myself with passion and sweat... With a mix of emotions, showing that goes with me, and even a piece of my own personality, it aims to show that this is much more than a Bike for me! It's the great escape, it's friends, shared experiences, it's being open to getting to know new cities, people, and cultures... And I miss it all so much... As I walk this path of healing, stay here as a reminder, all those good times I had out there.. Dedicated to my dear mom, Silvina De Braga Pereira. I hope you feel this way, and thank you to each of you for watching. I say goodbye with all the affection." - Hedy Guerra