Spanish Shredder

22 Sep 2022

Video by Fernando Laczko

Really psyched on this latest DIG Locals, this time featuring Spanish street killer Javier Rodriguez. This dude isn't scared of a big setup!

"After meeting Javier through different jams, party’s, and paying him a one week visit to his hometown León last year, we already were really cool together and had plans to film together in the future. Finally this year I talked to him about the idea to move up there with him for a couple months and stack them clips. Him and his dad took me into their home treating me like one more of them and we ended up becoming good friends and filming every day. As you will see, he’s got skills and definitely the balls to throw himself down big drops.

Funny fact is that he sent me a video of himself a while ago asking me if it would be possible to premiere it on DIG. I told him to wait as we could make an overall better video and he trusted me so now I am beyond stoked this is happening now." - Fernando Laczko