Johnny Delbalso In Tokyo

The latest rider to sample Tokyo's incredible spots

15 May 2019

Video by Johnny Delbalso

Johnny Delbalso is the latest rider to sample what the streets of Tokyo have to offer. With more and more riders heading out there it's interesting to see each persons different take on the city. The only thing we can say for sure is that it doesn't seem like anyone is leaving the city unhappy!

"Spent a little over a week in Tokyo and put together a solo piece of my adventure through the city. Tokyo is massive, and while there are spots galore, you do have to put in a bit of time on the bike to uncover some of the cities offerings. The sights you see along the way are like no other and I'm looking forward to a future adventure to dive deeper into this city. This is a dedicated solo project from the riding, filming, spot searching, and editing."

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