Video Vault: Orange Juice X Vans Malaga 2014

Tall glass of OJ in Malaga

5 Jul 2015

Filmed and edited by Tom Lammerse

In 2013 Orange Juice flew into Barcelona for their first collab trip with Vans and couldn't help but to return to Spain the following year. Thijs Vervaeck, Kenzo de Witte, Mark Vos, Jorn Tuijnman and Roy van Kempen hit all the good stuff in Malaga thanks to guides Ruben Alcantara and the Laczko brothers. For 2015 the OJ crew switched it up and chose the capital of Denmark for their yearly excursion, with the video from the trip dropping this Friday on DIG. In the meantime enjoy the fine photographic work Syo van Vliet shot in Copenhagen - Orange Juice X Vans Copenhagen Trip Photo Gallery