Orange Juice X Vans Copenhagen Trip

10 days of OJ in Denmark's capital city

3 Jul 2015

Photos by Syo van Vliet Intro by Roy van Kempen

"After our two successful trips to Barcelona and Malaga we wanted to do something a little different for our third Orange Juice x Vans trip. We heard some good stories about Denmark so we decided to go on a 10-day trip to Copenhagen in June. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side on this trip. In total we had around 4 good days so the crew, consisting of; Mark Vos, Jack Nieraeth, Emile Bouwman, Nicky van der Veen and myself (Roy van Kempen) really had to put in work as soon as the sun was out and the streets were dry. Luckily we had a good spot guide, Johan Nissen, and all the guys definitely went in! Tom Lammerse is working on the video now but below you can find 13 amazing pictures shot by Syo van Vliet." - Roy Van Kempen

WAOJ X Vans Copenhagen Trip video by Tom Lammerse.