Thomas More - Embassy Exclusive

Quick lil' flick from Ontario

14 May 2021

Video via The Northern Embassy

I'm really glad the Northern Embassy is back, as a fellow Canadian Citizen though it'd be weird if I wasn't. There's a new crew doing editorial work and hopefully video to follow so that's all rather exciting. Can't say I'm feeling the new intro clip, maybe I'm just nostalgic for the old mickey mouse one though. Thomas is quite the rider though and this short edit was deece. Looking forward to seeing more from him and the Embassy boys soon!

"Couple seasons worth of clips riding around Ontario. Filmed mostly on iPhones as that is what we always had on us when we were out riding and I have a pretty good fisheye lens for it from a company called Moment.Was going to continue filming and adding more clips but I fractured my patella in February so I will most likely be taking it easy this year so I figured I should stop holding onto clips." - Northern Embassy