Trey Jones - No Fun - Trailer

Trey and Chadwick team up once again...

1 Oct 2021

Filmed and edited by Ryan Chadwick

This is gonna be a good one; keep an eye out for more with Trey and his "No Fun" video project:

“A collaboration between myself and longtime friend Trey Jones, the idea of ‘No Fun.’ came from the urge to do something different. To hit the road and see what happens. To create a video that was made by us, for us. With footage from all four corners of the United States, ’No Fun.’ is the culmination of a years worth of blood and sweat shared between two friends who have been through it all.” - Ryan Chadwick

"Be the first to see “No Fun.” when it premieres at Swampfest 2021 on Friday, October 30th. “No Fun.” will be available for purchase on Sunday, October 31st."

Special thanks to Vans, The Shadow Conspiracy, and Subrosa for supporting this independent BMX project.