VIDEO VAULT: Justin Care Merritt Upload Stem Promo

Innovative moves

2 Oct 2015

Video by Merritt

With Justins signature Upload stem getting a new look we thought it was perfect timing to give this a re-up. It always seems like Justin slips under the radar with most people but is doing some really innovative moves these days.

"Justin Care is incredibly good at riding a bicycle. You may not have noticed, but that doesn't make it any less true. Within this stem promo you will find gaps to flat so large that I felt inclined to contact the CTBUH and flat ledge grinds so technical that Yngwie Malmsteen couldn't play them on guitar. Perhaps most importantly this video exists to highlight (and provide valuable insight into) Justin's new signature stem, which much like the tip of the Washington Monument, is made of aluminum and exudes a sort of masculine, almost phallic vibe. Buy it now.

Justin wanted a top load stem that could be run upside down and still raise your bars. Best of both worlds, clean looks and rise. Going with forged 6061 aluminum construction for both the body and cap produced a super strong stem with a design that wouldn’t be feasible with machining and also keeps the price low. 48mm reach and 21mm rise." - Merritt BMX