Weird & Revered - Street Vultures Mixtape

Clocking more than than just scrapes...

1 May 2019

Video by Weird & Revered

Flying through the streets getting clips, here is some footage that was left on the cutting room floor while making their DVD but these are more than just scrapes that these vultures are clocking!

For the past three years, Canada's Weird & Revered crew has been working on a DVD entitled, "Vagabond Squad." To promote their upcoming full-length project, the boys will be dropping weekly web videos every Wednesday leading up to their May 11 premiere in Edmonton, Alberta. All premiere and download/DVD release info can be found HERE

“Street Vultures Mixtape” is the crew’s fourth web video for this pre-DVD series. 

The video features street footage from a large portion of the crew in their home province of Alberta. There are also some clips and b-roll from California and Mexico.