Via Austin, TX

6 May 2021

Video by Trent Lutzke

THIS HITS HARD! Trent Lutzke just got done with a 6 month journey to celebrate completing college and 'Whoops' is the result. Just under 12 minutes of hot heat with the likes of Hobie Doan, Brett Silva, Julian Arteaga, Curly Mayne, Jared Duncan, Keaton Harris and Trent. If this doesn't get your heart going you're already dead.

"Much like most accidents, this video happened with ease and came to conclusion before we even knew we were making a video. I hit the road in my van this past December with my girlfriend and doggo, to start a 6 month long journey around the country, hitting and seeing places I have always wanted to ride. It was my way of celebrating a 5 year long up-hill college battle that I finally completed this past year. The top of my list for places I wanted to visit was Austin. I had never been to the massive state before this trip and Austin always seemed like an amazing place to ride bikes. When you grow up in the Midwest, places like Austin and LA get put on a pedestal in your mind. It’s amazing to think that there are places with so many spots and so little bad weather. From a young age, sneak watching day in the life videos in middle school computer class about dudes living in Austin, dreaming about getting out there someday to live that life; To saying, ‘fuck it’ and driving my van out there to ride whatever and sleep wherever. BMX is awesome in that way, it’s all about how you make it. Where you put yourself. The people you connect with. And making great friends/memories in the process. Julian, Jared and Hobie all took my girlfriend, dog, and I in like we were family. I can’t thank those guys enough for letting us post up for the month and for all the good times we had. I had never met any of these dudes before, except for Julian when I was really young, and I had no idea how it was going to go. This video was formed by instead of pulling out the phone, I pulled out the HMC and before we knew it, we had more footage than we knew what to do with. Whoops. Soon, Brett tagged in as well and a couple other homies, Keaton from Vegas and the infamous Curly Mayne. Every last one of these dudes feel like family now and this video was just my way of showing my appreciation for all the good ass times we had! I hope you enjoy, and I hope if this video does anything, it just gets you psyched to get up, get out and shred. You never know where the road could take you. Love you boys! Cheers!" - Trent Lutzke

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