World Premiere Of The Shadow Conspiracy DVD - What Could Go Wrong?

Session at House of Vans and premiere behind the scenes

14 Aug 2015

Video by RideBMX

The wait is over, Shadow's 'What Could Go Wrong' DVD premiered last weekend at the House of Vans in Brooklyn and is available for purchase Monday, August 17th. I am fortunate enough to have my hands on a copy, and it's well worth picking up. Congrats to Shadow, team managager and video editor Ryan Chadwick, and the entire Shadow team on putting together a fantastic video!

"Three years. Imagine spending three years of your life searching for and filming the best parts of your riding and then holding onto them for one, three-minute section. Filming a DVD these days is unimaginably hard and should be respected on every side. The brand puts in the dollars, time, and faith in their riders and the squad puts their heart, soul, and body into their sections. It's the culmination of a lot of effort and what better way for The Shadow Conspiracy to kick off the world premiere of their new DVD, What Could Go Wrong, in the heart of Brooklyn at the House Of Vans.

Add in a shoe release, some BMX, an after party at Darryl Nau's bar Tender Trap and you have one epically awesome day. Check the video from the day as it goes from informative, to jam, to a stream of consciousness that goes downhill fast. Thank you again to the whole Vans and Shadow squad for putting together a dope time for the locals (and myself) was too damn awesome."
- RideBMX