Fit Bike Co. Arizona to Albuquerque Photo Journal

Getting possessed on the road with Fit...

17 Nov 2016

Photos and Intro by Wes McGrath

Starting back in August of this year, Tony Malouf came up with an idea to create a video with a premeditated structure and art direction which was inspired to embody the Square One Halloween Video which came out over 6 years ago. Tony wanted to deliver more than an average BMX video, he wanted to bring the team together and have them connect in fun and positive way that was more suited toward the array of personalities on the team! Including riding from riders such as Ethan Corriere, Brandon Begin, Justin Spriet, Charles Little John, Cristian Porras, Tommy Dugan and Morgan Long with the exception of Shawn Mac, sitting out with an injury he got from filming for latest TripTape.

The team took three trips to complete this video, from Northern California on their Free Candy Tour, to Arizona and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Embracing on the road antics and unexpected tourist traps the whole team came through for the Fit HORROR PICTURE SHOW

Official DIG partners: FIT BIKE CO

Summer of Spriet

1 Oct 2016