Snapshots - Back East For Fall

An extraordinary time of year at the trails...

27 Oct 2016

Words and photos by Brian Barnhart

Each fall brings an unofficial international trail riders gathering in the woods of the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. I was born and raised on this soil, and although I'm currently living on the other coast, I make it a point to go home every fall season. 

It's an extraordinary time of year, when the weather is near perfect and the clay is packed hard from a summer long of 20 inch tire repetitions. The locals work their asses off to get the trails to this point, then have the pleasure of sharing their creations with all the interesting visitors. It also doesn't hurt having all the extra hands around to help keep the place in tiptop shape.

This year was extra special with many close friends flocking east for the Reynolds Love Jam. A long steady rain gave the trails the refreshing they needed for the weeks many runs. All day laps in good company made for an incredible stay. Visiting family, watching great friends get married, and seeing great live music put the icing on the cake.  - BB


30 Dec 2014


3 Nov 2014