TRA BMX - Double Cross And Dirt Jump Comp 2014

Another awesome video from the inaugural event...

16 Nov 2014

Filmed and edited by Elevated Visuals

The inaugural TRA Double Cross event was a huge success this year, and here we have another video to enjoy from the day thanks to Elevated Visuals. Enjoy!

"The TRA Double Cross and Dirt Jump Comp was held Sunday, October 5th, at the TRA backyard compound near Bethlehem, PA. Twenty seven riders from around the globe came together for this historic event featuring the return of bicycle motocross racing in its purest form – straight from the trails and fun for all. With top AA pro racers, X Games Gold Medalists, NORA cup legends, street riders, dirt jumpers, park riders, and plenty of core trail riders in attendance, the event was a melting pot of all riding disciplines that proved what is possible for the future of dirt comps and BMX racing. The event was made possible with donations from Dan's Comp, S&M, FIT, Odyssey, United, Empire, Doublecross Bikes, Hyper, SNAFU, Soilworks, Blackman's Cycle, Axlerad Screen Printing, DKOI Bikes, Indust, Action Wheels, Fab Tech Welding, and STAY STRONG. This video by Elevated Visuals captures the true spirit of this historic event." - Michael Gentilcore

2014 TRA Double Cross Photo Gallery by Rob Dolecki

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