Rex Carroll In Portland - Profound freedom found in simplicity

5 Dec 2018

Photos: Jon Tinsley - Words: Rex Carroll

"A few months ago this tasty trip came about as I was living rent free via a mini-home/ambulance in Santa Cruz with my fiancé, literally just playing music on the pier for a living. My close friend Jon Tinsley gave me a little ringy dingy and asked if I wanna trip up to Portland with him to visit our good friend Trevor and possibly film. I've never been to Portland and was free of a work schedule, so he scooped me up a few days after the call and we caught up on the strange waves of life that we've both been surfin’ since our last time riding together two years ago. 

We arrived at Trevor's home to a warm welcome and began the aimless exploration of a new city (to us) for ten or twelve days. We didn't even know we'd film an entire video, we thought we'd just hit the road and go home with whatever we got! Yet the weather was divine, and so a few clips stacked everyday became the routine! But the idea was to cruise and have fun carving around, wasn't in any mindset for hucking... just enjoying the fresh architectural expeditions. 

Needless to say it was fucking paradise! A lot of good times, met up with some absolute legends, Jon cooked some amazing vegan food every night, endless jams, and even one hell of a psychedelic experience too haha. 

To myself particularly, riding is all about being an artist! Something of a profound freedom found in simplicity/approach y'know? Using the bike as an extension of ones-self, to apply as we wish to the ever-changing environment is one of the most liberating feelings. It's been a great memory, this trip, and I'm real happy to have this beautiful documentation of some sincerely worry-free times with my brothers before we parted ways into our wildly different paths of life again. Infinite love for y'alls! 

Very grateful to have this featured on DIG... never thought I'd get to have this opportunity so cheers to anyone reading this, keep on chooglin and do you fam!  Huge thanks to Jon for filming this &and being a beautiful man, Trevor Setzer for the same +and hospitality/jams, my fiancé Ariel for being an absolute angel and literally never tripping about anything! Y’all rule! Mucho love." - Rex Carroll

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5 Dec 2018