Snapshots: Cinema X Montreal

Inbetweener Photo Extras

24 Dec 2018

Words and Photos by Kevin Conners

"Let's be honest here, we'd all love to travel and go on trips with the goal of finding and getting those unique looking clips, while riding fresh spots we don’t see at home.  But if we are being completely honest the part that makes the trips and the clips all the best, is every ridiculous moment in between. Whether it’s the random crazy tricks Garrett does warming up, Chad's non-stop hilarious moments, or Nathan’s love for over indulging his food with excessive mayonnaise. I guess what it really comes down to is it's not just the tricks that make the edits what they are, it is truly all the in between fun and missions you face on the road that helps to bring that vibe in the 'edit' to life, not just the bangers. So here's to more dazed flights, bad restaurant choices, Air BnB with Tetris, and overall great times with friends." - Kevin Conners  

Watch our CINEMA In Montreal 'IN THE CUT' video HERE