Dig Cinema Mixtape 26
1 Dec 2017

Escape To The Cinema Photo Journal

The Making Of The Mixtape


Photos by Kevin Connors

Growing up, a mix tape was something you spent hours and countless thoughtful moments constructing as you sat listening to every word to ensure that, when played back, it had just the right spin on it. At its core it was just as the name suggests; a mix of all your favorite songs that could send you singing down the street to your own beat; or on the softer side, a pathetic attempt at fixing a relationship (ok, now I’ve dated myself). But to this day, a mix tape is still just that; a compiling of your favorite artist’s favorite artists. Created by a handful of people but constructed in the final vision of one artist to tell a story or weave some sort of narrative.

Dig Cinema Mixtape 23

Chad starting a line with Ennis in tow.

Case in point, the Cinema ‘Mix Tape,’ which just like the classic mix tape is a compiling of your favorite artist’s favorite artists. This compiling, hours of picking just the right clip, is all done by Will Stroud once again to weave together a story of a crazy group of friends all working in their own likings but coming together in one finished piece.  

Dig Cinema Mixtape 7

I'd be making a blowfish face too if I tried to do three tricks in three feet of space. Nathan having Garrett's back with a nollie dubs hard.

Dig Cinema Mixtape 13

Doyle doyle doyle, yeah he killed this spot years ago in the System Cycles video. Fast forward ten years and you have Doyle present, while filming in a shirt with a photo of Doyle doing a table on it and Cory making this quick set up to 360 look way too smooth.

"This trip started off with us getting kicked out of Doyle’s house for good reason..."

- Kevin Connors

I first heard of this project in Pittsburgh on a four-day trip with Nathan, Corey, Will and Harley. This trip started off with us getting kicked out of Doyle’s house (for good reason, Doyle’s still the man!) and led to drinking and wakeboarding on Kris Bennett’s boat and some of the craziest days I've seen behind a camera. As we were all bullshitting one night, I was looking through the photos and realized just how much shit went down in three days. I asked what the plan was for an edit, photos, etc, as it didn’t seem smart to let such hefty clips go to a quick edit. It was then that Will just kind of said ‘I really don't have a plan but man we got a lot of cool shit, maybe we should just do a mix tape. That way it’s less stress on all the riders and can be more of a fun project involving some of their local filmers.’ 

Dig Cinema Mixtape 33

Thank you Nathan this spot looks way more fun to shoot on than ride, with its quarter pedal run up to quick loading dock drop after.

Dig Cinema Nixtape  Y7 U8220

Chad Kerley dubs bar smith 180 at likely one of the hardest spots to ride in San Diego.

‘Shit, it seems like a good idea to me’ I thought, as frankly I don't mind sitting on photos at all ‘til just the right time (in fact, I have one now that’s four years old). Not to mention it seemed like a natural progression. While still freshly off their first trip in years to D.C and now a short one in Pittsburgh, the crew seemed to still have that energy flowing for Cinema; seeing the brand step things up and revamping every aspect of it. This left the team wanting to do more and film more. Why not keep that flowing instead of interrupting it?

Dig Cinema Mixtape 34

Nathan steeping out a snaggle tooth tucked away in Pittsburgh.

"The Mix Tape; A compiling of your favorite artist’s favorite artists."

- Kevin Connors

Dig Cinema Mixtape 16
Dig Cinema Mixtape 17
Dig Cinema Mixtape 18
Dig Cinema Mixtape 21
Dig Ciname Mixtape 69

Nathan shaky rail ride to bar to warm up the session.

After the short trip to Pittsburgh and Will’s idea of a mix tape ahead, the plan to do another trip involving Dak, CK, and Garrett came up since they weren’t in Pittsburgh. That eventually grew to the idea of doing some sort of Cinema X Fiend trip where the footage of Cinema riders would go toward the mix tape and the Fiend riders would keep their footage for their respective projects. This slowly became the ‘Cinema Is Fiending' trip that included jams during the weekdays at a few local skateparks along the way. Unfortunately, Dak ended up being busy with prior obligations that week, as did Ty Morrow. So we ended up getting stuck with Nathan’s lazy ass, and Antonio’s candy habit along with Johnny Raekes and Tony Ennis. Luckily Dakota is always filming and had no issues getting some clips together for this one.

Dig Cinema Mixtape 6

Nathan - over dubs to hard 180.

Dig Cinema Nixtape Chad Sanyesedro Middleline

Chad with a feeble, over smith manual switch ice to whip at one of San Diegos more hidden gems (thanks for the spot Garrett).

Dig Cinema Mixtape 30

To say Nathan has over ice on lock would be a lie as this one was way too perfect for first go.

Overall, it seems Will’s loose ways and plans for a mix tape towards the end of the year worked out just perfect. Every rider on the team got to go on some sort of trip to film for it and was able to film more with whoever and wherever it worked. For me, when watching the mix tape, it had an overall fun and stress free feeling. Something a little lighter hearted but yet still delivering the level of riding and clips that have come to be expected from the entire Cinema team. Here’s to more good times in the future and amazing riding from this crew.

Dig Cinema Nixtape 1

Garrett breaking the ice after doing some serious clean up to make this spot ridable with a bar to switch ice.

Dig Ciname Mixtape 9
Dig Cinema Mixtape 25
Dig Cinema Mixtape 5

Nathan - ice to 180.

District Of Cinema

22 May 2017