Cinema X Montreal - In Photos

Game On

21 Nov 2018

Words and Photos by Kevin Conners

The last time I went to Montreal I left with a (still unpaid) ticket and at best 4 photos, so when Will Stroud first mentioned this trip I said "just make sure we have spots and a van", because last time we tried this without a vehicle it was fun, but not the most productive of trips. Luckily this time around despite the cold weather and rain we had some advantages on our side. For one Cinema's secret behind the scenes Canadian weapon Harley Haskett, who is always down to help plan out spots, eat poutine and listen to some good jams. As for the Van well in typical Will fashion when we arrived and I asked about the van he just looked at me and said "yeah, well we got a big SUV that will work". What he really meant was that Harley gets to drive with me giving him shit about everything Canadian while leading the crew spot to spot. See there is always some sort of “by the way” involved. 

Now for the rain and cold weather solution. Somehow Will has the best of luck (usually at least), and we ended up with an amazing AIR Bn'B, which included a pool table and a Super Nintendo helping any downtime to go by with a breeze. Couple those few things together, along with the spots and good friends, and things were nothing but up and 'game on' as usual for the Cinema crew.  

Watch the VIDEO HERE.

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