Snapshots - Game Of CIAO

Flavor Flav ain't got shit on this...

3 Aug 2015

Photos by Martin 'X' Ohliger Words by Merlin Czarnulla

"On the 25th of July we held a game of bike contest at Frankfurt's very own ghetto spot. Sixteen riders from all over Germany answered the call and came to the ghetto spot to battle it out to see whose bag of tricks is the deepest. After a heavy day of moves, smokes being smoked, beer being drunk and surfers being surfed, Daniel Portorreal took home the win and the biggest Ciao-Chain that came with it. Here are some pictures from one of the windiest days in Frankfurt's in recent history!" - Merlin Czarnulla

Once you're done with the photos make sure you head over to Freedom BMX to watch the video put together by Markus Wilke. If for some reason you managed to miss the excellent Ciao mixtape too you can watch the full thing here.

The Ciao Mixtape

10 Jun 2015