Snapshots - Wanted In Taiwan

Two Germans Take On South East Asia

14 Jul 2016

Words by Merlin Czarnulla / Photos by Merlin Czarnulla and Vincent Sylvain

Earlier this year Vincent Sylvain and I decided to leave the German winter and get some tan on. After roughly planning a roadtrip along America’s westcoast we changed plans and decided to go to South East Asia instead. We switched from renting a car to renting cheap motorbikes and perfect Cali spots for amazing Taiwanese ones (and getting in trouble from the authorities for riding said spots). Before our trip we found that hashtag #formosa_gem on Instagram and were sold instantly (seriously check that out, you won’t be disappointed). Even though we didn’t know too much about the motherland of most modern BMX frames we ventured into the blue and had a seriously amazing time over there. The country is very organized and modern. The locals were some of the nicest and humble humans you can meet anywhere in the world and the architecture is amazing. After 2 weeks in Taiwan we flew to Vietnam which was a whole other story. There are close to zero spots to ride and the country is caught up in a very weird type of communism. Knowing that we sent our bikes home after one riding day in Hanoi, bought cheap motorbikes and tried to avoid most backpack culture. Oh yeah, we had our cameras with us as well so here are some pictures from our trip. - Merlin Czarnulla

The Ciao Mixtape

10 Jun 2015


12 Feb 2016