903 - Memphis BMX

20 minutes from the home of Graceland

10 Sep 2020

Filmed and edited by Josh Beckemeyer

You can't beat a local scene video done right! Josh Beckemeyer has been working on this one with the guys out in Memphis, TN and it turned out top notch. 20 minutes of excellent footage - don't miss it.

"903 is the third in a series of local videos that I have made over the past 16 years. It features Dillon Stewart, Murray Polka, Mike Green, Pat Holliday, Austin Davis, and other local Memphis people. We have an Instagram page that I am going to be uploading clips to semi-regularly and keeping people informed of future projects. The video features mostly a new generation of local riders but a few of us from the mid-school generation are working on other projects around our scene and BMX in general. If anyone is interested in learning more they can follow the Instagram page @itbe903 for more info." - Josh Beckemeyer