A Slice of New England: Bobby Proctor x Profile

"we started a wild goose chase simply to get in a session."

22 Aug 2019

Filmed and edited by Matt Coplon | profileracing.com

Back in July, I flew up to Providence, Rhode Island for several events (Circuit x Profile pump track jam, Road to Recovery Jam, etc...). In between prepping for those events, I linked up with Bobby Proctor where we started a wild goose chase simply to get in a session. Between two extremes, heavy rain followed by clear skies and temps reaching 105 degrees, we hopped from city to city, grabbing anything the weather allowed us to. Clips from Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, including John Capps, Shaun Gingras, Seth Bernard, and Dre Tylee... we hope you enjoy a tiny slice of New England. -Matt Coplon

Song: "Untitled" by Jarr (with permission from Chris Childs)

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