All In Good Time - Stephan August Welcome to Verde

Making It Double Official

30 Jan 2017

Filmed by Fernando Gomarin Olaiz / Edited by Will Stroud

Stephan August has been part of the Verde family for a while now but they just made it double official with this stonker he's been busy working on recently. Always fans of a tall guy here, especially when they like the big ol' grinds, and Stephan does just that. Dude has a bit of everything in there, including a huge ender. We'll hand over to teammate Tony Neyer for the full introduction... 

"Stephan has been roaming around our squad since we moved to the Hollywood area. We met through a bunch of close friends and have had lots of time to kick it over the years. I remember a few years back on a trip to Vegas for Nora Cup we chatted about what he was doing with his bike and where he wanted to go with it, and all in all I felt really good about his outlook towards his bike and the motivation he gets from it. He wasn't on Verde at that moment but I would say these conversations is what led to me bringing him into the family. Since the moment he got his first frame he's been on a mission working on several different projects but lately he's been getting crunchy with Fernando and happy we are. We are pleased to Welcome Stephan August (aka @BootyGroceries) to Verde and we are very excited for what his style and creativity can bring to the table." - Tony Neyer

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