ALYK - Fed Up With The Bullshit Summer Promo 2015

Trailer for Act Like You Know's 4th Full Length

7 Oct 2015

Filmed by Brandon Galosi / Additional filming by Jake Frost and Ryan Howard / Edited by Damian Racut

The Act Like You Know crew are seasoned veterans in the streets, well on the way to producing their 4th full length video in the last decade. As the crew spread from Cincinnati, to NYC, San Francisco, Boston, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, ALYK's vision has remained steady, devoid of gimmicks, and harkening to the street classics of yesteryear. Look for Fed Up With The Bullshit to drop winter 2016.

Filmed by: Brandon Galosi

Additional Filming: Jake Frost and Ryan Howard

Edited by: Damian Racut

Song: Jeru the Damaja - Aint the Devil Happy

Featured: (in order of appearance)

Tommy Gunn

Brandon Galosi

Damian Racut

Bobby Simmons

Scotty Wemmer

Jake Frost

Frankie Lang

Ryan Howard

Greg Goldberg

Jake Coulson

Torey Kish

Kyle Murway