Ambipegstreetest - Kyle Murway

Smooth in the streets

18 Sep 2015

Filmed and edited by Damian Racut

Those familiar with the ALYK crew videos will know Kyle Murway and be well accustomed to his smooth stylings. Ambipegstreetest video creator Damian Racut got it right when he described Kyle's riding as "clean and simple" because it's just that in the best was possible.

"When I think of clean and simple riding I think of Kyle. He lets the spots do the talking while maneuvering in a stylish manner. A majority of this was filmed on random meet-ups whenever our schedules allowed us to cross paths. I had a majority of his section edited and he came over to check it out. The next day we ended up filming his last clip because he wanted to end his section properly." - Damian Racut