Battle Of Hastings - Plaza Edits: 7th - 4th Place

Kerley, Donnachie, Smillie and more!

30 Sep 2016

Filmed by Cal Earnshaw and Rich Forne / Edited by Peter Adam

We've got another batch of Battle Of Hastings Plaza Session videos today, this time featuring the teams who placed 7th to 4th - Team Young (Chad Kerley and Travis Hughes), Team Edgar (Justin Spriet and Broc Raiford), Team Kyle (Dan Paley and Alex Donnachie), and Team Lewis (Ben Lewis and Devon Smillie). That's a heavy list of names so i'm sure we don't need to prepare you - sit back and enjoy the next six minutes of crazy from the Source Plaza. If you missed the last drop of video then catch that here and find more Battle Of Hastings content below in our related section.

"The Plaza session concept was simple. Each team selected 2 riders to film a raw edit in the Plaza for one hour. More edits coming every Friday"  - SOURCE BMX