Battle of the Brands 2 - 2021 - Official Trailer

Source BMX

14 Jun 2021

This is a stacked list of teams. Wonder who is going to come out on top! Read the details from Source BMX below.

SOURCE BMX - Battle of the Brands 2 - 2021 - Official Trailer Cinema, Eclat, Odyssey and Shadow went crazy in Bakersfield, CA + United Kingdom + Huntington Beach, CA + Phoenix, AZ!

Stay tuned for awesome SOURCE BMX Riding and Challenges Edits this month! BOTB Challenges videos all drop in the week 21st - 24th June All 4 Riding BOTB Edits are dropping 28th June! WATCH ALL VIDEOS HERE!

@Cinema BMX
Dakota Roche
Garrett Reynolds
Chad Kerley
Corey Martinez
Nathan Williams
Will Stroud
Kevin Connors

@Eclat BMX
Jordan okane
Alex Kennedy
Jordan Godwin
Dan Banks
Peter Adam
Paul Robinson

@Odyssey BMX
Travis Hughes
Justin Spriet
Gary Young
Broc Raiford
Jacob Cable
Zach Krejmas
Scott Marceau

@The Shadow Conspiracy
Trey Jones
Jabe Jones
Seth Kimbrough
Joris Coloumb
Matt Ray
Ryan Sher
Ryan Chadwick
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